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HelpExplorer is a full-featured help viewer for both Windows and Linux
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KAMA Software

HelpExplorer is a help viewer for Linux and Windows that gives you a way to use help files in Windows' WinHelp, MS HTML Help 1.x and MS Help 2.0 formats with your applications, no matter under which operating system - Linux or Windows - your applications are deployed. There is no more need to devise a new help format for Linux and build a viewer for it. Just prepare your Linux documentation in any of the generally adopted Windows help formats, distribute HelpExplorer with your application and your users will be able to read the documentation under Linux as if they are reading it under Windows. The HTML engine that is built in HelpExplorer renders topics retaining their original format.

HelpExplorer utilizes all of the search mechanisms that are available in Windows help systems. The table of contents, which is a hierarchy of topics in the order how the help author placed them. The index, which is a list of keywords that the help author associated with certain topics. And a common "key phrase" search, which is based on consequent scanning of all topics.

HelpExplorer supports help files that use multiple windows. Each Windows help file has one main window and can also have a number of additional ones. Additional windows are made with help authoring tools. Every window is independent from the others and has its own toolbar and a specific set of buttons that control the reading process. Each window traces its own history of the viewed topics and lets you navigate to any of these topics by moving along the history in any direction (back or forward).

HelpExplorer supports a full range of code pages and international typefaces that are set up in your Linux X-Server. When viewing a help file in HelpExplorer, you can set an appropriate text size.

So, by using HelpExplorer you will be able to provide your applications with a help system that is easy to use and effectively assists users in mastering your applications.

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